CMR Newsite “Helen Lancaster and her team have helped London City Airport to understand the travel patterns of staff from both our company and those employed by some 50 other employers based on-site, through our Staff Travel Survey. From developing the questions to be posed in a concise manner, through to staff interviews, questionnaire collation and presenting results to our Chief Executive and strategic management team, Helen’s approach has been consistently of an exceptional standard. The results of the surveys undertaken have led to significant local transport investment by the Airport, including a £2.5m contribution to the Docklands Light Railway – we have great confidence in the reliability and significance of the information presented to us by Crystal Market Research.” CMR Newsite

Elizabeth Hegarty, CSR Manager, London City Airport

CMR Newsite London City Airport Media Sales has used Helen Lancaster for a number of years for specific media related research. Her team offer professionalism and are discreet when interviewing our business passengers. The research obtained is easy to read and understand and Helen is always at hand to discuss in person if needed. CMR Newsite

Candice Grover, Media Sales Manager, London City Airport

CMR Newsite Drive is a large charitable organisation working within south east Wales with a mission to support people with disabilities. We have commissioned varied stakeholder research projects from Helen Lancaster since 2005. Helen is highly professional and is both easy and flexible to work with, always checking out/verifying details at key stages in the process. Maintaining customer confidentiality is an essential principal that underpins her work. She explains the structure of her research approach and her responsibility to document activities to evidence that standards are effectively implemented. Feedback from people surveyed has also been consistently positive. Helen produces well written digestible high quality research outcome reports that are easily understood by lay audiences with sufficient robust data to support conclusions. Helen has consistently met all her commitments and completes work within agreed timescales I can wholeheartedly recommend Helen Lancaster to organisations who are considering commissioning research projects. CMR Newsite

Barry Gallagher, Chief Executive, Drive

CMR Newsite I have worked with Helen on a variety of research projects, both qualitative and quantitative. I’ve also benefited from her practical experience in developing several high profile research bids. I’ve always found Helen to be an informative and experienced professional, who is also able to bring a great deal of creative thinking to bear on helping me to solve my frequently complex and challenging research design issues. Helen’s work is of a high standard, she always delivers to the brief we have agreed, on time and within budget. We value Helen’s opinion; in the years we have worked together she has become a member of our team. CMR Newsite

Katie Collins, Senior Research Fellow, Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England.

CMR Newsite Crystal Market Research has been involved in surveying the residents of our student accommodation since 2008. The results of their research have provided us a great foundation from which to improve our accommodation both physically and managerially, and as a result, the overall satisfaction of our residents. Helen is very intuitive and insightful, often making suggestions about how to increase the effectiveness of the research. She’s extremely professional and I personally enjoy reviewing the results with her. She has a great sense of humor and I enjoy a good banter with her over what we’ve discovered. The overall analysis is very fair and honest and we will continue to trust Crystal Market Research to conduct our surveys in the future. CMR Newsite

Maureen McDermott, Director of Student Accommodation, Nido Student Living, Blackstone Property Management

CMR Newsite Helen was recommended to us at the Bristol Social Marketing Centre soon after we formed in 2008. We have worked with Helen on a number of projects since then. We have looked to her to help us with qualitative work: exploratory research and concept testing, and quantitative surveys. We have set Helen quite challenging tasks in helping us understand the tricky world of 'behaviour change' for our social marketing clients, with Helen working on projects in sectors varying from early cancer detection through to sustainable travel choices, for clients such as the National Cancer Action Team, and Bristol City Council. We go back to Helen because she combines insight and intelligence with reliability and professionalism. She has a strong 'real world' savviness and a great deal of experience that she can bring to the party, adding insights that we would not have spotted ourselves, and lacing these insights with the kind of practical judgements that make all the difference in client recommendations. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Helen's services. CMR Newsite

Professor Alan Tapp, Bristol Social Marketing Centre, University of the West of England